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The Defiant Games is a functional fitness competition that prides itself on giving more to its athletes! Forever pushing boundaries, The Defiant Co. have brought their unique style and ability to build a far reaching community to the competition scene!

The event runs out of the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield and aims to be inclusive by taking high skill movements out of the equation.  Instead it focuses on unique engine workouts that test a multitude of fitness components and can be completed by all.

The Defiant Games was founded by Ste Beckett, owner of The Defiant Co. and is part owned by Lance Ogunyode, Director of Crossfest UK. Together, the pair are utilising their extensive experience in the events world and bringing a brand new experience to the UK fitness industry.

The duo have a huge team supporting them and a firm idea of what makes a great competition so expect BIG things to go down in Sheffield every time they roll in..

Strap yourselves in because the script is getting flipped! 

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